2020 Census

The Importance of the 2020 Census

Thank you for doing your part by filling out the 2020 Census online or the 10-minute questionnaire via paper copy, scheduled to arrive in your mailbox shortly. By completing the 2020 Census, either online or in paper form, you are helping your family, your community, and our nation as a whole. 

Your participation impacts the following processes:

  1. The 2020 Census is a "constitutionally mandated population count [that] determines how federal and state money will be distributed to [our] community for the next decade" (p. 10). The census determines how $675 billion dollars of federal funding is distributed among the 50 states over the next 10 years. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania relies on census data to allocate money to our community through liquid fuels funding, Act 13 natural gas impact fees distributions, community development block grants, and recycling grants (p 106).
  2. The national count determines the number of seats in the House of Representatives. The count also determines how Electoral College ballots are passed out when voting for the President of the United States. Pennsylvania will lose another seat in the House of Representatives in 2020.

Confidential Collection of Information

The 2020 Census data can only be used to produce statistics. The Census Bureau is bound by law to keep the data it collects confidential. They are also making safety and security a priority.

Safety Tips

To that end, the Census Bureau asks that we pass along the following:

  1. Do Not Fall Prey to Phishing Scams: The Census Bureau will not:
    • Send unsolicited emails to request participation in the 2020 Census
    • Not contact you on behalf of a political party
    • Never ask for your Social Security Number, bank account(s), credit card numbers, money or donations of any type
  2. Verify You Are on The Correct Website: The correct website for the 2020 Census starts with "HTTPS" and includes a lock symbol
  3. Ask for Proper Identification if a 2020 Census Worker Visits You: A valid ID badge will have the worker’s photograph and Commerce Department watermark, and an expiration date. Please call 800-923-8282 with any questions to speak with local bureau representatives about any enumerators identity.
    Please note: Please report any suspicious activity to the local police by calling 911
  4. Respond to any false information or verify whether a rumor you heard is true by email.


Bobb, A. (2020, April). All on Board for the 2020 Census. Pennsylvania Township News, Pages 9 to 10; 106

Participating in the Census

Census PledgeThe interactive 2020 Census website gives us up-to-date response rates for Cecil Township or anywhere in the CONUS (i.e, Continental United States). 

Response Rates

The response rates are updated daily with a one day lag time. Since the internet response is all that is available, only those response rates will be provided until the end of April 2020. 

View the current response rates both locally and nationwide.

Township Response

So far, we are doing great as a Township. 38% response rate thus far online. In 2010, the total response rate was a little more than 69% so we are more than halfway to surpassing that milestone 10 years ago.


There will be another reminder mailing shortly similar to the first two mailings already received. The fourth and final mailing will be a hardcopy of the 2020 Census that you can complete and mail back if and only if you have not completed an online version already.


Enumerators (i.e, Census counters) will be canvassing Cecil Township this summer knocking on doors asking the same questions listed on the 2020 Census form. The 2020 Census seeks to count everyone, "Once. Only Once. And in the Right Place."

If you are interested in working for the 2020 Census and an enumerator, please go to the Census Job Details webpage.

Thank You for Your Participation

Thank you for doing your part to make the 2020 Census count in Cecil Township as accurate as possible!