Municipal Authority


  • 5:00 pm
  • The 3rd Tuesday of every month
  • The Cecil Township Municipal Building
    3599 Millers Run Road
    Cecil, PA 15321


The Municipal Board is a five-member board; Each member is seated for a five-year term: 

  • Patti Mowry, Chairperson
     Term Expires: January, 2023              Appointed: January, 2018
  • Darlene Barni, Member
     Term Expires: January 2025               Appointed: January, 2020
  • Tim Stiffey, Member                         Term Expires: January, 2026             Appointed: January, 2021
  • Don Gennuso, Member
    Term Expires: January, 2024            Appointed: January, 2019
  • Frank Ziemba, Member
    Term Expires: January, 2022             Appointed: January, 2017


The Municipal Authority is charged with the maintenance, operation and expansion of the sanitary sewer system. The Authority also finances projects to repair, replace or extend sewer lines, usually through the issuance of bonds. 

The Authority must insure that sewer rates are sufficient to guarantee debt service payments on the bonds, as well as, for the cost for maintaining the sewer lines and paying for treatment plant charges.